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Bangkok chili Ltd., Part.
Nguan Soon Group

Nguan Soon was established by Artchit  Limprana, its founder, in 1954.  The original enterprise consisted of a small retail store in China Town (Jawaraj) in central Bangkok.  The business concentrated on producing and marketing 100% ground peppers and spices under the brand name "Hand Brand No.1"

The Company's products were rapidly accepted by the national market and today "Hand Brand No.1" is a household name in Thailand in terms of 100% pure spices and herbs.

In 1977 the Bangkok Chili Limited partnership was formed by Mr.Artchit  Limprana and Mr.Viroj  Skulboonrasi (his oldest son) to operate under the auspices of the Nguan Soon Group and to control the expansion of the company's overseas trade into markets.

The company's policy to produce premium quality products supported by excellent service lead to the exportation of the "Hand brand No.1" product range to more than 20 countries around the world.

Today, the company sources only the highest quality raw spices and herbs and uses the most modern dry-heating and crushing technology to process them.  The technology used for the production and packaging process is regularly upgraded to ensure the preservation of the freshness, original aroma, flavor and nutritional value of the wide range of spices and herbs produced, sold and distributed by the company.

We are the sole producers & distributor of Thailand most well known "HAND BRAND No.1" 100% ground pepper & chilies.


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